A Brief History of Company

F.F. Ertl III, Inc. was founded in 1996 by Fred Ertl III. Mr. Ertl is the son of Fred Ertl Jr., past president of The Ertl Toy Company, and grandson of Fred Ertl Sr., legendary toy maker and founder of The Ertl Toy Company. The company immediately gained recognition for manufacturing high quality and high detailed die-cast metal replicas under the Die-Cast Promotions® brand name.


Recently forging a partnership with Chinese manufacturer and engineering group Wan-Ho Holdings, Inc. of Hong Kong, the corporate name became Trademark Models™/Die-Cast Promotions® by F.F. Ertl III, Inc. Trademark Models™ represents the OEM Agricultural and Construction business. The Die-Cast Promotions® badge will appear on Premium Promotion and Custom Die-Casting products. The new Highway 61 Collectibles™ mark will be used on die-cast metal replica automobiles.

Die-Cast Promotions®, by F.F. Ertl III, Inc. 1/64 scale Detail Series of Tractor-Trailers are available in four exciting levels of detail:



Company Headquarters:

9866 Kapp Court, 52068 Peosta, Iowa, U.S.A.
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